The Game

Your stolen Tetra Fork skids out of aetherspace into the shattered rock of an asteroid mining operation. There’s no going back. You have a few credits, a tiny ship and a clean slate. Who you are, who you know…none of that matters.

It’s a bit lonely but you can relax out here. Where you go now is all up to you…

Title Screen

The title screen is the first screen shown when you launch the game. Clicking the donate or read more buttons will open links in your browser. Your current game version is shown at the bottom of the screen.


Masteroid has two control schemes. You can fly by simply right-clicking. Your ship will fly towards the cursor. For advanced maneuvers you can use WASD to for directional controls. Left-clicking fires your ship weapons. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.


Your HUD shows the state of your ship and accounts. The red bar is your ship’s current health. Docking at a station will heal your ship, even if the station belongs to an enemy faction.

The blue bar is your ship’s current resource cargo. Docking at a station will automatically sell your resources to the station and deposit the money into your account. Your account balance is displayed right below the resource cargo bar.

The ship icon button opens the warp menu, allowing you to warp to other sectors.

The “x” icon button returns to the title screen. Your game will be saved prior to returning to the title screen.


A big part of earning cash in Masteroid is mining. Shoot asteroids to collect resources. Ships automatically collect resources so be careful: nearby ships may steal your mined resources before you can get to them!

When your cargo hold is full, you will no longer be able to collect resources. Return to any station to automatically sell your resources.

Saving and Death

If you die in space, your matter will be collected and restored in the aether after a period of time. You will warp back into the sector with full health. Unfortunately, your cargo will not be recovered.

The game is automatically saved when you dock and undock at a station. The game is also saved when you click the “X” button in the HUD to return to the main menu.


There are several factions in the game and they don’t all get along. Ship’s running lights show off their faction color. Factions operate the trading station in each sector. The station’s running lights also show off their faction color.

Bring resources to a faction station and they will like you. Attack their ships and they will not. Some factions may forget about your behavior when you die. Others may always be hostile!



You can warp to different sectors using the Warp Menu, available by clicking the rocket icon in the HUD. Some sectors are far more dangerous than others.

The asteroids, ships and other elements in a sector may change as you warp in and out but the station will always be in the same area.

If a sector gets too hot, you can always warp somewhere more peaceful.

Stations, Ships and Weapons

You can dock at any sector station by coming to a stop at a dock. Docks are marked by glowing circle. Docking will bring up the station menu, automatically sell your resources and repair your ship.

You can purchase weapons from the station’s weapons tab. Select a turret, then select a weapon. Any mounted weapon will automatically be sold when purchasing a new weapon.

You can purchase ships from the stations ship tab. New ships always come with no weapons! When purchasing a ship, your existing ship and weapons will automatically be sold.

Details about the resale value of your ship and weapons will be displayed next to the purchase button so you can review the transaction before purchasing the item. The purchase button for ships and weapons will not be available if you do not have the funds to buy the selected item!

Tips and FAQs
  • Stations don’t all award the same amount of cash for resources.
  • Mining ships with full cargo holds will warp out, often leaving uncollected resources behind for anyone to pick up!
  • Stations don’t all offer the same ship and weapon selection
  • Better ships can be outfitted with more powerful weapons.
  • If you need to wipe (or back up) your saved game for some reason, you’ll find it in a folder named “masteroid” in your user folder.
  • The latest game data is fetched from our servers when you launch the game. If you do not have an internet connection, it will use a local copy of game data. An internet connection ensures you’ll have the latest content and balancing tweaks but is not actually required to play.
  • Masteroid does not support controllers at this time.
  • Masteroid does not offer multiplayer at this time.