Hi. I’m Justin. I write code, do art, make games and help run a marketing agency in Cheyenne Wyoming.

You might be here to read about Masteroid*, my new game! If you want to learn more about exactly what it is, head on over to the Masteroid page where you can also sign up for the closed beta.

BattleCrypt is currently on hold. It may always be on hold. That being said, there’s a lot of blog posts that are a great look at the process and problems developing an indie game!

Otherwise, you might be interested in reading about me or see what I’m working on in my blog. You could also check out the company where I spend most of my non-gamedev time: West Edge Collective. Finally, I contribute to the Flat Red Ball game engine. Head on over there to meet a community of game developers that are newcomer-friendly!

* Masteroid is a working title. I have no idea yet what the game will be actually called! The title may or may not change.


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Tiled-Based Stations

I’m hoping to release v0.4 of Masteroid next Friday, October 27th. One of the things I really wanted to indicate artistically in Masteroid is the huge disparity in scale that can exist in space. The Read more…