Masteroid has become a pretty stable, polished sandbox over months of releasing constant updates. With this release and upcoming roadmap my goal is to add more real gameplay. Players need more things to do in the Masteroid world. This release starts down that path with the addition of Missions. Missions can be taken on from the Missions tab in the Station menu. Missions add new ways for players to earn cash and reputation with the two main factions in the game. Many of these missions are not combat missions, which add ways to earn cash for pilots that don’t enjoy combat. Additionally, factions no longer sell weapons and ships to just anyone – pilots must be high enough rank to buy the good stuff!

  • Added new missions system, available from the Station missions tab
  • Faction ships and weapons are now limited to player’s level with that faction
  • All ship, weapon, faction and mission icons have been updated
  • Factions now attack major threats in their sectors (Enemy fleets and players running missions for enemy factions)
  • Updated and added new hints
  • Updated main menu and settings menu to use dynamically-generated starfields for their background
  • Fixed some crashes related to trying to equip with no weapon or turret selected
  • Fixed startup crash related to regions that use commas instead of periods to separate decimal places
  • Fixed bug where dialogs could show up over station menu
  • Slightly reduced max camera zoom
  • Default camera view is now slightly zoomed in (but you can still zoom out)

The next release will continue to focus on adding more gameplay elements and interesting things to do in Masteroid space.

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