Masteroid is a stylized, sandbox space game built by a one-person independent video game developer.

Players start with a tiny spec of a ship in the heart of a mining operation. Navigate local sectors, shoot asteroids and trade in resources for upgraded ships and weapons. Attack ships and steal their resources but beware: factions won’t tolerate hostility for long without retaliation.

Masteroid attempts to serve different play styles. The game encourages passive cruising through peaceful sectors, shooting asteroids and enjoying the visuals and music. More aggressive players can visit dangerous sectors, engage in combat or even piracy, and trade in resources for bigger ships and powerful weapons!

Get Involved

Masteroid is released in an early form for PC and Mac. The game is available for very low cost during development. Helpful links:



How much will Masteroid cost?

As of this page update, Masteroid is cheaper than a latte! The price will go up slightly every release so players that buy early will get the best deal. However, early players will also experience the most bugs and changes. If that sounds like you, head on over to the store page!

What platforms will Masteroid be on?

Masteroid is available on PC via Steam.

Where can I get it?

Masteroid is available on Steam.

Is Masteroid more sim or arcade?

Definitely more arcade. Masteroid was inspired by my love for games like Elite Dangerous and the X series of games. I want Masteroid to balance the depth of those space games with better accessibility for people that don’t have 5 hours per night to invest. Each release makes Masteroid a little deeper and a little bigger!

How are you building Masteroid?

Masteroid is built using the FlatRedBall game engine (which I also contribute to). Masteroid utilizes Open GL for rendering, Mono and MonoGame for cross-platform compatibility and is written in the C# programming language. It uses 2D sprites with a fully-3D camera.

How can I get involved?

Buy the game! Like the Masteroid Facebook Page. Follow me and tweet about the game: @profexorgeek