Droppable Items Update

Commit 3be72ec.

Note that I post commits in these posts so I can remember where I was. I do a LOT more commits than blog posts. In fact this post alone covers at least 15 commits. But if I decided I wanted to pull and build the exact game state as of this post? I could using the commit ID…

I separated the player’s head from body. Now heads kinda float behind the player to keep up with the body. Combined with the sort of bouncy/squishy effect it is at least visually interesting until I decide what to do about animation.


I also implemented droppable items. The player’s own skull is a droppable item. When you die, your skull falls to the ground and collides with geometry and other players. You can kick people’s skull after you kill them. Skulls also float in water, which looks neat. In playtesting…my son loves this. It’s his favorite feature. He only cares about killing me so he can kick my skull.

I also implemented lava (previously only water worked). Water, lava and geysers no longer directly affect player health. Instead, they apply an elemental effect that has it’s own consequences. Being wet now slows the player instead of having a mana penalty. Being on fire deals damage.

I am testing something called “teeth blossoms”. When you are on fire or wet, if your element matches the effect type, you have a chance to fire super-charged spells. This means that being on fire has both a consequence and a potential benefit if you are a fire mage. The spells now drop “eggs” that sort of blossom into spiky crystals. These explode after a period of time, dealing a lot of damage to nearby players. It’s an interesting mechanic but it’s not intuitive to players. It appears arbitrary.

Wishard is BattleCrypt

Commit bc3b611

Wishard, a codename used since the first commit, is now BattleCrypt. I thought a lot about what this game would be and wanted to create a real “brand” that is memorable, fun and flexible. I did a lot of research, looked at available domain names and existing game names.

I also used my kids as focus groups. What names did they like? What did they remember?

When I heard my middle son singing “BattleCrypt: Fight the skeleton wizards” with lots of sound effects and dancing…I had a winner.

I look forward to turning this name into something synonymous with fun!

Cavern Tiles

Commit 942354e. We’re back inside a cavern with more tile tests.

I don’t utterly hate this but it’s still missing something.

One thing I do like about these tiles is how few they are. Most of them work rotated and flipped so I get a lot of variety out of a few tiles.

Note that this is an actual in-game screenshot. So this isn’t just concept, it’s working in game.

I seem to be sucking hard at art. Going to take a break for awhile and focus on development – add some new features.