I started working on Masteroid one year ago. I released the first version to the public only 2 months after I wrote the first line of code. Since launch, I have released 10 updates containing 811 total code commits.

The anniversary release of Masteroid adds a lot of combat and general QOL enhancements including:

  • Removed controller support: Many of the new targeting features really broke controllers, which only partially worked in the first place. I will revisit and fix controller support but it will take more significantly work to get this all built correctly
  • Brand new mining sector: Clover Nebula
  • Reworked lots of sector art
  • Overhauled all sectors with improved art and increased sizes
  • Overhauled boost system. Boost now consumes energy and is more responsive
  • Engine trails now turn white while boosting
  • Overhauled targeting system. Player can now target other ships with right click and turrets will auto-track targets
  • Sectors can now have no station
  • Complete overhaul of sector editor tools
  • Added instructions screen
  • Stitcher Prototype weapon now has unique art
  • Bugfix: Player can no longer buy the same ship they have
  • Bugfix: Player can no longer resell same weapon infinitely
  • Bugfix: Game no longer crashes when fleet leader is killed
  • Bugfix: Fixed multiple issues with game on screens with display scaling
  • Bugfix: Fixed but where asteroids and resources were spawning in the center of the sector
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where player respawns with a random ship targeted

This release adds significant improvements to the combat experience. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for playing,

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