This page contains workarounds for common issues with the game.

Finding your error.log file and the Data Directory:

Masteroid writes settings and other save data to a folder called “masteroid” in your user directory. If the game fails to start or crashes, a file called error.log should be generated there.


The game does not start:

This is most often caused by resolution problems. Check the error.log for details.

If the problem is resolution, it’s likely caused by Windows Display Scaling. You could try setting Display Scaling to 100%. Alternatively you can experiment with different game resolutions by editing the settings.json” file in the “masteroid” folder in your user directory. Set FullScreen to false to use a custom resolution.

Mac:┬áMasteroid is currently not signed with an Apple developer key. This means that MacOS considers the app “insecure” and won’t open it by default. You need to control-click or right-click the file and choose open. When it warns you about an unknown developer, accept the dialog and the game will open!


The game crashed:

Not cool. Crashes should print some details about why the game crashed in the error log. If you are willing to send that to me it will help me fix it!


The game is laggy/choppy/low FPS:

I am continuing to optimize Masteroid to run on a wide variety of machines. If you are having consistent performance issues it could be a few things:

  • Your graphics drivers are out of date, see if updates are available?
  • Your machine just might not be fast enough. This game does a pretty good job of running on low-spec machines but if it doesn’t work on yours I’d love to know your specs.

I keep fine-tuning so don’t give up! Contact me so I can let you know when I have release optimizations.