This is it. This is where it all started. I’m writing this post long after the fact but I wanted to mark the point in time where I decided to create this game…and why.

Commit 79599b1 March 23, 2015 at 19:51. “Initial add of existing progress.”

So it begins.

I had been working as a technical lead and architect for a company called Cynergy, then KPMG (who acquired them), and finally had decided to start my own software company. But at the same time, I was doing less actual software development. I was consulting, managing, architecting…and not actually writing. I had this urge to just write code on something ongoing where I didn’t really answer to anyone and just had fun.

Then I read the story of #IDARB.

I loved the origin. Professional developers just building something governed by their casual whims, not some deadline or budget. Game design on the fly with community input.

I started working on a simple platformer. What would it be? Who knows? Who cares? I did a quick Illustrator mockup with some little wizards shooting fireballs and started coding. I called it “Wishard” because I imagined that’s how Sean Connery would pronounce “Wizard.”


I needed a name and didn’t know what the game would be and so that’s what I called it.

What it became? Was BattleCrypt.

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