The Game

Masteroid is a zen, stylized space sandbox.

You start with a tiny spec of a ship in the vast sandbox of space. Destroy asteroids to collect resources. Or, let other ships do the mining and destroy their ship to steal their loot. Or, put your ship on auto pilot and let it collect resources for you.

Upgrade your weapons at the local space station. Better yet, upgrade your ship for access to all new weapons and survive longer.

Explore new sectors. Fight huge capital ships.

But most importantly: zen out.

Sign up for the closed beta!

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July 2017: Free beta demo including mining, fighting, weapon and ship upgrading and several sectors

After that it’s up to you. This game is built to support stock trading, quests, boss fights, tons and tons of ships and weapons and potentially even multiplayer. If people play the game and like it, I’ll keep adding!

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How much will the game cost?

The beta demo will probably be free, at least for a period of time. The cost of the game may go up once I make it more robust. I may also have new ships, weapons and sectors available as some sort of DLC pack. Ultimately I have to make money at some point to keep working on it but I want to get it out there first and see how you respond!

What platforms will this game be on?

PC and Mac for sure. Consoles are up to you. Play the game, tell your friends. Make it a popular enough that the console markets want to talk to me.

Where can I get it?

Stay tuned here. I may release it directly, on, on Steam or all of them. I’m leaning towards Itch at least for the demo/beta.

Is the game more sim or arcade?

Definitely more arcade. I want to deliver a “zen experience with surprising depth.”

How can I get involved?

The best way right now is probably twitter. Eventually I’d like some sort of feedback loop but right now that’ll just distract me from actually working on it! Follow me and tweet about the game: @profexorgeek

UPDATE: Masteroid will offer a closed beta soon! Sign up here: Masteroid Closed Beta