Masteroid is a soothing, stylized space sandbox built by a one-person independent video game developer.

Players start with a tiny spec of a ship in the vast sandbox of space. Fly around with no real limitations, shoot asteroids and trade in resources for upgraded ships and weapons. Attack other ships and steal their resources but beware: factions won’t tolerate hostility for long without retaliation.

Masteroid attempts to serve different play styles. The game allows passive cruising through peaceful sectors, shooting asteroids and enjoying the visuals and music. More aggressive players can visit dangerous sectors, engage in combat or even piracy, and try for bigger ships and powerful weapons!

Explore new sectors. Fight huge capital ships. But most importantly, sit back and enjoy the experience .

Get Involved

Beta signup is closed and the beta is just about to launch. If you’re waiting for the beta or just want to learn more you can:



How much will Masteroid cost?

The beta is free. I’ll be looking for feedback and desired features and what players feel like the game is worth. It may be donation-only if people care enough about supporting it. It might also be free with some paid content. Ultimately I want to see how players value my continued work!

What platforms will Masteroid be on?

PC for sure. The game runs on Mac too but distribution is more difficult so Mac release will likely be after PC. I could have it running on iOS and Android quickly too. I’d love to have it on consoles but they won’t be wasting time talking to me unless a lot of you are playing it 🙂

Where can I get it?

Stay tuned here and sign up for the closed beta. The game will likely release on because I feel like they empower developers to really reach gamers on a personal level!

Is Masteroid more sim or arcade?

Definitely more arcade. I want to deliver a “zen experience with surprising depth.” I want a game that players can enjoy in different ways. But it’s definitely not an accurate space sim. Did you see the pulse lasers!?

How are you building Masteroid?

Masteroid is built using the FlatRedBall game engine (which I also contribute to). Masteroid utilizes Open GL for rendering, Mono and MonoGame for cross-platform compatibility and is written in the C# programming language. It uses 2D sprites with a fully-3D camera.

How can I get involved?

Sign up for the closed beta. Follow me and tweet about the game: @profexorgeek