Wishard is playable. I’m about two-months in and I have something resembling a game.


But some things aren’t working.

I had imagined that these little wizards would have some different spell powers up their sleeve. They’d be able to attack with fire, water, electricity and earth (oohhh, elements! how original!). They would also be able to shield one of those elements completely. But only one. So you’d have to switch up your attacks to hit with spell types the other player was not shielded against.

In reality this was boring and chaotic. During playtesting, players simply spammed the switch button for both offense and defense just hoping that enough would get through to kill the other player first.

The solution is to eliminate some complexity. We’re going with only fire and water/ice (not sure yet). Characters will be bound to one choice and each element will play a little differently. Maybe in the future we’ll add characters with other elements but for now we need to focus on two distinct play styles.

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