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I’m excited. A very skilled artist is interested in working on BattleCrypt. His ability to contribute will depend somewhat on availability since he has a lot of other stuff going on (don’t we all!).

I’ve been working a lot with Vic Chelaru (creator of FlatRedBall) to make it a little easier for an artist to work on the project. We’ve added core tools into the repository and Vic has improved some of the FRB tools to build the project easily without  having a full development stack.

While I haven’t worked very hard to make the project accessible to new contributors in terms of spinning up and tooling, I HAVE kept game design, data, art and programming decently separated. All gameplay-affecting constants are stored in Glue, a tool designers and artists can use to tweak play and rebuild the project without a development environment. I have also done a lot of things like make character stats, damage, reload rates, etc data-driven. Designers and artists can change animations, sprites, movement speeds and more just in the tooling without touching code.

We have had a couple late-evening jam sessions to get our artist up to speed. He’s currently working on some tiles and created the image above as a concept piece after playing the game a bit.

I am inspired!

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