Commit 2c8e080.

Sean, our artist (as long as he has time) has been working on some new tile concepts (pictured above with bloom applied on left). We’re really inspired by the new direction and we’re excited to see that develop into full levels.

We haven’t been idle on the dev side either. Now that enough tiles are available to create a basic level, we’ve applied our post-processing effects from the last post to the new art. Here’s what it looks like with and without bloom:


We also have done some fun things with how spells charge and how spells can start to affect the level itself. In this example, the player shoots a fire spell past a burning object. Note that the flames burn higher and the flame is disturbed by the passing spell OR a mage of the same element type:


But a spell (or mage) of the opposite type quenches the fire for a period of time:


We want to do a lot more of this type of thing: the mages and their spells should affect level elements so levels feel more immersive and real. It also offers fun design opportunities as being close to compatible or opposing elements may have some impact on a mage’s powers.

Side note: awhile ago we implemented screenshake when fully charged spells explode. I forgot to mention this, I don’t remember when it was exactly, and the effect is a little broken right now anyway. Ideally this effect would also trigger dust and stone raining from weak places in the ceiling etc. But it has a ways to go. You can see this in the fire mage gif when the large spell explodes.

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