Commit 4863063.

I don’t often see a git commit that’s entirely numeric. Anyway…

I’ve been working on powerups. For awhile, when players die, their skull drops. Now a couple of new things happen. First, the skull explodes, dealing damage to nearby players. Then a powerup is revealed. So there’s a risk/reward thing going on. If you kill someone, their skull is going to give some type of powerup but it’s also going to explode and deal damage. If you go after it too soon you take damage. But if you go after it too late, someone else takes the powerup.

powerup-booksCurrent powerups:

  1. Super shield: when you shield-bounce a spell, it becomes over-charged as well.
  2. Creeper: when you die, you explode and deal damage to everyone around you
  3. Fire: all fire spells cause elemental effect
  4. Ice: all ice spells cause elemental effect
  5. Speed: player moves much faster and jumps higher
  6. Doom: all spells caused instant death (but they can still be shield-bounced!)



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