This is the first release in what I’m calling the “Factions” build. This release focuses on increasing the depth and gameplay opportunities with factions in Masteroid. The player can now receive missions from factions once they have enough reputation. Missions offer extra cash and XP and offer new challenges for the player.

With deeper factions came the need for more differentiation between the factions. As a result, all ships, weapons and sectors have been overhauled! Each faction has it’s own ships and weapons with unique strengths. This release offers 5 ships and 5 weapons per faction but I hope to add more ship and weapon options in coming releases!

The bullet points:

  • Overhauled UI color schemes and improved fonts
  • Created a new, more professional logo!
  • Added station info menu
  • Player no longer auto-trades cargo, can choose to sell at specific stations
  • Stations now clearly state their per-unit cargo price
  • Player no longer respawns with 100% health
  • Stations no longer auto-heal player, repairs have a price
  • Stations now have unique descriptions
  • Game now saves player health
  • Created dialog system
  • Players can now initiate dialog with a faction at a faction-owned station
  • Factions have unique dialog styles and values
  • Players can get two mission types from factions at faction stations
  • Created 5 new sectors
  • Created 10 new ships
  • Created 10 new weapons
  • Created settings screen
  • Major improvements to how fullscreen resolution is handled
  • Asteroid resource color is now green instead of blue (old color was too close to faction and weapon colors)
  • Mineable asteroids are now easy to differentiate from non-mineable asteroids
  • Asteroid collision optimized: sectors can now support more asteroids without framerate drops
  • Game now supports pausing (but pausing and pause menu are not yet built)
  • Game now supports an equipment menu (not exposed to player yet, coming as part of a better inventory system!)


Thanks for playing!

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