The beta is out!

I’m keeping this post short because I’m excited to be working on the next release. The Masteroid Beta v0.1.1 went live on Monday and beta keys went to all pre-signups. The game is available to non-beta testers now for a small charge:

On launch day the game was played roughly 21 hours by beta testers. Players died 141 times and lost an average of 50 resources each time.

The top reported bugs were issues with game resolution, especially with Windows display scaling turned on and when played on smaller monitors. A few people reported crashes with a known cause that I’m fixing. There were a couple of crashes from an unknown cause that I can’t fix for now.

The top requested features were the ability to zoom in on your ship and more “depth” in how you control your ship. Basically people want WASD controls so you can fly in one direction and shoot another.

Generally people liked the graphics, sound and the general vibe of the game. The most common complaint was the readability of the ship menu (known issue that I’m working on). Some said that flying and shooting rocks starts to get dull after an hour or two. There were also a few complaints about the repetitive sound of picking up resources.

All feedback has been acknowledged and I’m already working on some bugfixes! Most of the feature requests tie into the roadmap I already had planned. Adding more depth to controls will make combat more interesting and open up other paths to earn resources, which I had also planned. I plan to continue to add ships, sectors and weapons as well.

I’m already working on the next release. Your emails, tweets and forum posts on the game page are encouraging. Thanks for playing and being an awesome community.

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