v0.1.2 is available on Itch.io!

This release comes less than a week after the first-ever release of the game. I got a lot of great feedback from early players and immediately went to work fixing bugs and addressing top complaints.

Here’s what the new release includes:

  • WASD Controls are implemented! You can still use right-click to fly too.
  • Zoom is implemented! Zoom the camera in/out with the mouse wheel
  • Added improved config system, players can now edit volume by modifying the settings.json file in the Data Directory. I realize editing a settings file is not a good way to allow volume changes: this sets the foundation for building an actual settings screen (working on that)!
  • Sectors do not run out of asteroids. New asteroids randomly respawn as asteroids are mined.
  • Fuzzy fonts on the ship menu is fixed! Now all text in the game is crisp and should be easy to read.
  • Resources should no longer trail behind collecting ships.
  • Resources shoot across the screen to be collected by the wrong ship less often. This is not completely fixed but I can’t reproduce it consistently enough to finish fixing it yet.
  • Resource collection noise is less intrusive/annoying
  • Resources collected by other ships no longer make noise
  • AI is vastly improved:
    • Ships now track targets better, firing at where a target will be versus where it has been.
    • Ships should no longer circle each other firing indefinitely
    • Ships navigate better, they should no longer circle a point they can’t reach forever
    • Ships now dock at stations to unload their cargo
    • Ships no longer fire at targets outside of their range
    • Ships mine at more optimal distances
  • Station visuals have been slightly improved
  • Minor improvements to sound
  • Minor improvements to performance

In addition to all of the items above, I also made huge progress on a working build for Mac. This is thanks to Dean Ellis at Infinitespace Studios. Without his advice and testing I probably would be weeks or months away from a Mac launch.

Fonts are still rendering so poorly on Mac that its impossible to read menus. As soon as I get that fixed this game should be available on Mac too!

As always, thanks for playing.


NOTE: I had really hoped to add new weapons, ships or sectors as part of this release. However, I’m working on some tools and features to improve sectors and ships. Adding more right now would make that more difficult so I decided to focus on quality over content quantity for this release!

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