This is the second release in what I’m calling the “Foundation” build of Masteroid. The focus of the Foundation build has been to get the core mining mechanic, UI and foundation systems of the game released and running smoothly on PC and Mac. This release focused on solving multiple issues specific to the Mac platform and improving performance and tooling. While this release doesn’t have a lot of new gameplay and content, it definitely looks a lot better. The most exciting thing for me is that it sets the stage for me to focus on some new gameplay and features that will really expand the world. The next releases should offer players a lot more to do in the Masteroid galaxy!

Here are the release bullet points:

  • Creation of sector editor tool and expansion of the art and features that can be created in a sector.
  • Complete overhaul of all sectors. Sectors are now “deeper” and have more interesting aesthetics.
  • Fixed issues with fuzzy fonts on the ship menu, ship menu is now much more readable.
  • Improved art for planets, stars and clouds
  • Can no longer accidentally dock while dead
  • Dead ships are no longer targeted by enemies
  • Players can no longer warp into the sector they are already in
  • Sectors now have ships already mining when the player warps in (before players always warped into an empty sector which did not feel realistic)
  • Major performance improvements to render cycle (probably only affects low end machines though!)
  • Save game and game data is now versioned so saves can be detected and upgraded if breaking changes are made
  • Mac version no longer has fuzzy fonts
  • Mac version no longer has broken button icons
  • Mac version is now distributable

As always, thanks for playing!



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