The last Masteroid release happened at the end of April. I started a new release in May (v0.11) but due to crazy life events that version never saw the light of day. Masteroid was basically on hold until early September at which point I started working on it again. I’m excited to bring this version, which I have called v0.12 (skipping 11) to the public. Here are all the new things in this version:

  • Save files have been reworked into the concept of “world files” and the game now supports having multiple save files
  • The game is now entirely procedurally generated. Every new game starts with 6 completely unique sectors.
  • There are now 38 unique weapons in the game
  • There are now 25 total ships in the game
  • Space stations are now procedurally created out of unique components
  • The game now has 7 unique songs, composed by Marc Carlton
  • All sector art has been overhauled to be higher resolution
  • Major performance improvements allows for much bigger sectors, more asteroids and generally more stuff happening
  • QOL/Bug fixes
    • Toast message is now less annoying
    • Asteroids are now destroyed a little faster and there are more of them
    • Station direction indicator is easier to see in light sectors
    • Player no longer is docked while the warp menu is up
    • Hovering on interactive UI elements now plays the proper sound
    • Better default sound balance
    • Fixed some weapons not playing sounds
    • Fixed some ships having bad collision
    • Docking at stations is a little easier
    • Fixed some issues with fleet AI
    • Fixed some edge cases where weapons could disappear from inventory
  • We started a new twitter account dedicated to tweeting news, screenshots and updates. Please follow and send us your screenshots!

Important Notes

  • Old saves are not compatible with this version of Masteroid. The game has simply changed too much. However, you can still play the old release and have both installed at the same time – they won’t conflict with each other.
  • I no longer own a Mac and don’t have the resources to invest in both the machine and the time-consuming build process for Mac. Masteroid for Mac has been discontinued until further notice.

These huge changes to the underlying game set up some exciting feature opportunities for the future. I am hoping to give players the ability to explore unknown sectors and found their own space station. I also want to give players the ability to expand existing stations to help out their faction in return for better prices and more options.

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