UI overhaul was the theme for the Andromeda release. It’s worth noting that going forward, releases will be named in alphabetical order with a space theme.

Overhauling the UI was a big effort. While it doesn’t add a lot of gameplay depth for players, it does make the game systems a little more accessible and enables me to add a lot more depth to weapons, ships and faction missions. The UI communicates information much more effectively (and prettily if I do say so myself).

Here are the new features for Andromeda:

  • All menus redesigned including
    • Title screen
    • Settings screen
    • Station menu
    • Pause menu
    • Dialog box
    • Warp menu
    • HUD
  • All ships now have icons and descriptions
  • All weapons now have icons and descriptions
  • Warp menu is now sorted by faction and rough difficulty of the sector
  • Weapon and Ship lists are now sorted by cost
  • Improved error logging to better respond to user-filed bugs
  • Fixed bug with too many sounds crashing the game
  • Fixed bug with empty turrets crashing the game
  • Fixed bug with owned weapons sometimes disappearing from inventory
  • Fixed minor bug where sometimes AI ships don’t get a usable weapon

The next release focuses on performance updates and the mission system.

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