The beta is getting really close!

I’ve been wrapping up the last UI tasks that are less fun to work on but need to be done to release the beta. I now have a title screen (pictured above) that loads a somewhat-randomized space scene each time. It has the buttons needed to start the game, a donate button, recent posts from this blog and the current version number. My hope is that this encourages my friendly beta testers to stay connected to the game’s development process and be able to report the version number with any bugs.

I also have been working hard on the actual game content. The beta will include 15 ships, 10 weapons and 3-5 sectors to explore. Obviously I’d like to add a lot more than this over time but there’s a lot of balancing and progression speed to be figured out and the more variety…the more impossible that task becomes!

Finally, I have added a donate button to the main menu which takes gamers to this page. Masteroid is entirely self-funded and I am not running a Kickstarter or other funding system that asks gamers to purchase something before they can enjoy it. My hope is that as people play the game, they will be willing to donate a bit to fund ongoing development.

That’s all for now!


Commit 5f536fe.

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