We’re so close.

The task list, aside from a few last minute bugs, is nearly empty. I have a build that seems to work on non-dev machines. I’ve poured tons of hours in the last two weeks into finalizing content, fixing bugs and testing builds.

I have generated and assigned beta keys to everyone that signed up. I sent an update email to let people know the beta was opening. Really all that remains to “launch” is to upload the files to itch.io and send the emails out with game keys!

Some highlights:

  • All game content is in the game. I think the beta launch has 15 ships, 10 weapons and 5 sectors (I honestly lost count).
  • Game data is now fetched from my server. This allows me to tweak and balance the game without forcing a new download. If server is down or user is disconnected it loads local data that ships with the game.
  • I wrote a game manual for you to read while you wait for the beta launch!
  • Game and save data are more standardized and are encrypted for now. Ultimately I don’t want to deal with bugs that arise from users modifying settings.

Standby for launch as soon as I work out a few last little bugs and do a tiny bit more testing!


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